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A Summer Job as a Lifeguard

Sun, Sea, and Saving Lives

At SSN Lifeguards, we’re always looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to spend a day at the beach or even become part of our team.

As an SSN Lifeguard, you’ll be the face for beachgoers in Den Helder. You’re a true team player and enjoy an active job in the sun, surrounded by the sea and camaraderie. Your responsibility is to ensure a safe and clean beach. You start each day by setting up the stations and preparing all rescue equipment. You oversee the beach and approach people about potential dangers.

Training for Beginners

No experience as a lifeguard? No problem! If a summer filled with sun, sea, and friendly colleagues appeals to you, you’re welcome to join us. We offer training and education to prepare you for the lifeguard role. You even have the opportunity to earn certifications such as First Aid and Lifeguarding. Additionally, we provide an attractive salary and free accommodation options at the main station, so you can literally sleep on the beach!

We're Looking For & What We Offer

At SSN Lifeguards, we are looking for individuals who meet the following requirements:

  • A sporty team player
  • At least 16 years old
  • Availability for a minimum of 3 consecutive weeks between June 24 and September 3
  • Good communication skills
  • A strong swimmer (your swimming ability will be tested)
  • Willingness to learn first aid
AgeScale AScale BScale C

You typically start in scale A. If you can be a post commander, skipper, or co-driver, you move to scale B. If you can act as a beach commander, you move to scale C. The mentioned amounts are per hour and do not include vacation hours (7.66%) and allowances (8%). The beach commander and post commanders receive an additional allowance of €1.50 and €0.50 per hour respectively.

More Than Just Earning Money

  • Free Accommodation: For people from outside Den Helder, we offer sleeping places at the post. The post is equipped with a kitchen, and we cook together every evening.
  • Lots of Fun: We mainly work with students and young people aged 16 to 25. After work, we often do fun activities like a BBQ or an outing.
  • First Aid Knowledge: We will teach you step by step how to safely rescue someone from the water and how to further treat your victim.
  • An Active Summer Job with Independence: On quiet days, you and your colleagues get to decide what work you want to do. Will you work on your first aid skills or go for a swim? The choice is yours!

Have you become curious?

Feel free to spend a day with us to experience what it’s like to be a lifeguard. Or leave your details for next year! We will contact you as soon as the vacancy for the next summer becomes available. At SSN Lifeguards, the door is always open to enthusiastic people who want to contribute to beach safety and enjoy the unique atmosphere by the sea.